Aero Guidance Society

Our Mission

To Advance & Promote the Art of Building & Operating Radio Controlled Aircraft

About the Club

Being one of the country's oldest R/C clubs, the Aeroguidance Society (AGS) is a group of modelers who enjoy building, flying, and promoting the sport/hobby of radio–controlled model aircraft in the South–Central New York Area.

We are interested in helping each other improve our knowledge of building techniques and flying skills and consider the camaraderie and friendships associated with the club to be a major part of the activity. We strive to bring new modelers into the sport, help them become proficient, and welcome their participation and involvement.

We also expect all members to be active in the club itself, attend meetings and find how they can best contribute.

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About our Flying Field

One of the most important assets of any R/C Club is its flying field. The Aeroguidance Society is the only R/C Club in the area that owns its flying site, a beautiful 100 acre field complete with two runways, two pavilions, a picnic and camping area and a small pond. Located in Tioga County only 3.4 miles from route 26, it is a picturesque location overlooking West Endicott and the Susquehanna Valley.

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Will someone help me get started?

Absolutely! Club members will be happy to guide you through the construction of your first plane and help when you have questions with future projects. In fact, upon joining, you will be assigned two sponsors, sort of like a buddy system. They will pay special attention to your needs and be available for help in building and especially flying.

RC Airplane World is a website set up for people getting started in RC flying.

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Is there any formal flight training?

Yes, the Aeroguidance Society is known for its annual flight training programs. You definitely do not want to try flying without assistance; it may look easy, but be assured, it is not. Because we know that being successful in your flying is very important, an extensive flight training program with experienced instructors is available. Our program will ensure that your investment in time and money is protected.

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What is required to join?

You must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Applications are available from club officers, from the AMA Headquarters at 5151 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, IN 47302 or use the links at the bottom of this page.

Most aspects of our hobby are subject to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. You can learn more about and register with the FAA .

Once you have your AMA license and FAA registration (if applicable) simply complete a club application, and pay the required dues. Any of the club officers can help you with all of this, and with any other questions you might have.

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Where are club meetings?

The AGS meetings are held indoors from September to April. In the summer months, we meet at our flying field. Any changes in meeting dates and times will be noted on our meetings page and in the current publication of The CONNECTOR. Our current meeting place is at TRI-CITIES AIRPORT and on Zoom Meeting .If you are interested in dropping by, it is a good idea to call one of the club officers to get the details. Visit our meetings page for meeting time details.

Club meetings begin at 6:30 pm and usually end around 8:30 pm. We occasionally have special activities before and after the meetings, and have interesting, informative programs at each gathering on some aspect of the sport: building, flying, product reports, tools, etc. These meeting quickly dispense with the business of running the club and showcase the depth of talent that exists within the AGS.

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Monthly Newsletter

The AGS publishes a monthly newsletter The CONNECTOR. It contains information on meetings, programs, activities, articles on building, flying tips and general happenings in the club. You'll enjoy reading it. By coming to the club as a visitor, you will receive a few complimentary issues of The CONNECTOR, which will help introduce you to some of the activities and people in the AGS before you decide to join.

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Be sure to follow the AGS events on our Facebook page.

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Each year the club schedules a number of activities for members and the other AMA members. Our Precision Aerobatics Contest showcases pilots with outstanding flying skills. Our float fly features a variety of planes and float designs. Pylon Racing features multiple–plane closed course racing. The winter brings out our New Year's Day Fun Fly and our annual Ski Fly. The family picnic is fun for the entire family and members.

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Public Relations

For years the AGS has had an active public relations program to promote the hobby of radio–controlled airplanes in the Triple Cities Area. Club members are frequently participating in flying demonstrations, displays and presentations, to adult and youth groups.

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Interest Abound!

Whatever your interests, there are always AGS members with vast experience to help and guide you. Whether it's scale projects, aerobatic planes, gliders, helicopters, gas powered or electric, learning how to fly, there are years and years of experience in the AGS

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