AGS Field Maintanence

Field Chairman

Please send an email to Todd Kopl the AGS Field Chairman regarding field maintenance questions or issues.

Mowing List

The current Mowing List is posted.


For safety reasons please ensure that you always mow with a partner.

Please pay attention to startup checklist located on wall in the upper pavillion, it is imperative that you check all fluid levels prior to starting the mower.

If you experience the clumping of grass being discharged from discharge area of the mower, the unit is more than likely plugged and needs to be cleaned. Notify Todd Kopl. The cleaning will be performed by Todd Kopl.

When mowing it is suggested that you mow as they clean the ice with a Zamboni, start down the middle of a runway turning either left or right returning on outer edge of runway. Proceed to starting point but stay to right or left of first pass (depending on which way you turned after the first pass up the middle). This will ensure that you don’t tear up the field at the ends while making tight turns. This is only a suggestion, you are welcome to do your own thing.

All equipment should be fully fueled and one fuel can filled prior to your arriving. It is your responsibility to ensure that you refill the equipment at end of mowing cycle and that you fill the gas can for the next group.

Cleaning of the Port–O–John is part of the field mowing requirement, cleaning products will be in the Port–O–John. If you feel the Port–O–John is getting ripe and needs to be pumped please notify Todd Kopl.

If you notice any problems with any equipment or any other field items please notify Todd Kopl. Do not leave it for someone else.

AGS Mowing Areas
The areas on the field that are maintained on the schedule.

Field Opening

Field opening will be determined in the spring depending on conditions.

Field Winterization

Field winterization will be determined in the fall depending on conditions. Typically field winterization occurs around the first Saturday in November.

Owners Manuals

Please read the Operator Manual for the Husqvarna M-ZT 52 Zero Turn Mower to get familiar with the mower's safety features and how the mower works.

Property Boundaries

Property Boundary Lines
Property Boundary Lines

FAA-Recognized Identification Areas (FRIA) Boundaries

AGS FRIA Boundaries
AGS FRIA Boundary Lines
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