The History of AGS Flying Sites

The flying field is the crown jewel of the AGS. The AGS is fortunate to own its ~96 acre flying field. The history of the AGS flying sites is listed in the table below.

AGS Flying Sites
Year Location
1955 Open field north of the Vestal Parkway (NYS 434) behind what is presently the Candlewood Suites.
1956 Open field behind West Corners school on Rt. 26.
1957 Ralph Carley's landing strip near Rt. 26 north of Maine, NY. This was a one-runway flying field for Ralph's small single engine plane.
1959 " Lower " Apalachin field west of the Stair Tract housing development. This was a small part of a farmer's field.
1960 " Upper " Apalachin field, just slightly south of the " Lower " Apalachin field. This move was necessary to satisfy the farmer's crop growing plan.
1961 Contractor's field near Glen Aubrey, NY. This was a temporary field until our newly purchased, 16 acre field was ready for use.
1962 Maine, NY. The AGS was one of the first club owner's of a flying field in the north-east.
1975 Nanticoke, NY. The Hodges property temporary field was developed to use during search for a new site. In December AGS sold the property in Maine and purchased property at 147 Warrick Road, Endicott, NY.
1976 Maine, NY. Leased a field from a new owner during the development of the Warrick Road site since the Hodges property was no longer available.
1977 147 Warrick Road, Endicott, NY. The original purchase in 1975 was 74 acres. Later 2 acres were sold to the Telephone Company. In 1985 the club purchased an additional 24 acres bringing the total to ~ 96 acres.
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