We cannot emphasize enough the role of the newsletter editor in the success of the Aeroguidance Society. From the days of banging out a copy on a typewriter, literally cutting and pasting pictures onto the pages, taking the copy to the printers, collating, stapling, addressing and delivering to the post office were tasks taken on graciously by the newsletter editor. While today's technology eases the process of publishing a monthly newsletter there are still the tasks of collecting the articles, organizing and distributing the newsletter. The AGS would like to make a special note of the club members who have served as newsletter editor over the years.

Scott Wallace 2015-present
Bob Balsie
Jeff Hatton
Bill Underkoffler
Don Godfrey
Bob Noll 4 Years
Ralph Jackson 1970's

The Connector is prepared on a personal computer. Submissions are happily accepted via email to Scott Wallace. Additionally, if you know of an event in the area that would be of interest to the general membership please forward that information for inclusion in the next edition of The Connector.

Here is the latest publication of the Connector.

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